【Black Friday】THINKCAR® Thinktool Pros 10inch All Systems Bi-Directional Scanner with 34 Reset Functions

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Excellent Hardware and Software: equipped with Android 10.0 operating system, 10-inch TFT (IPS) screen, 6000mAh battery capacity, 4G RAM/64G ROM; Auto VIN can access all vehicle systems to read/clear the global 129 vehicle brands DT; There are not only 12v cars but also 24v heavy trucks.
THINKCAR Thinktool Pros 10inch All System Scan Tool
✅Advanced OE-level Functions: OE-level functions have been added, such as ADAS calibration (Thinkcar ADAS calibration stand required), settings and conversions (blue reset, unlock engine after the collision, cancel ABS driving test, etc.), applicable to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Offline coding and personalization of other car brands around the world, and constantly updated.
THINKCAR Thinktool Pros 10inch All System Scan Tool
✅34 Maintenance Reset Functions: including SAS reset, BRAKE reset, GEAR reset, OIL reset, IMMO reset, INJEC reset, TPMS reset, ETS reset, DPF reset, SUS reset, AFS reset, SUN reset, A/F reset, Tyre reset, AdBlue reset, AdBlue Rest, AIRBAG reset, Battery Matching, ABS Bleeding, GEARBOX Learn, EGR Adaption, Language Change, Coolant Bleed, NOx Sensor, Seats Calibration, Stop-Start, Transport Mode, Windows Calibration, AC System Relearn/initialization, Intelligent Cruise Control System, Engine Power Balance, Gas Particulate Filter regeneration, Motor Angle Calibration, High Voltage Battery Diagnostics. 
THINKCAR Thinktool Pros 10inch All Systems Scan Tool
✅Startup Test+ECU Coding+One-key WIFI Upgrade: support two-way function (startup test), ECU coding, screen recording, data stream recording, etc.; one-click automatic generation of diagnostic reports, and expandable printers that can be shared or purchased via email Module for printing; one-click WIFI update allows you to always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functions.
THINKCAR Thinktool Pros 10inch All System Scan Tool

✅Support 8 Additional Diagnostic Modules: support 8 modules, printer, work light, endoscope, battery test, oscilloscope, thermal imaging, charging dock, wireless tire pressure diagnostic tool.
THINKCAR Thinktool Pros 10inch All System Scan Tool

Pay Attention:

1. THINKCAR Thinktool pros support Auto Vin.
2. THINKCAR Thinktool Pros compatible with 8 expansion modules like Printer, work light, endoscope, battery inspection, oscilloscope, Thermal imaging, charging dock, wireless tire pressure diagnostic tool.
3. 2 years free update(Gasoline software),1-year free update(Diesel oil software).

1. Can I add other apps to this scan tool?
No, it is a closed system so can not add any app.

2. How do I get the diagnostic report?
You can click 'report' to save it then check it on Thinkcar file, Or scan the QR code with your mobile phone to get the PDF file.

3. Does the Thinktool Pro support program of the new module?
Yes, only for the programmed module.

4. How many languages are supported?

Support 13 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese.


Operating system: Android 10
Camera: rear camera 8.0MP
Memory: 4G
Network: Wi-Fi, WL AN802. 11b/g/n
Storage space: 128G (Pros +) / 64G (Pros)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 6000mAh / 7.6V
Working temperature: 0°C~50°C


Package List:
1 * Thinktool Pros
1 * User Manual
1 * OBDI Power Cord
1 * Packing Box
2 * Fuses
19 * Connector Tools

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  • Hello i am very interested in this scanner how much are the updates after two years and where do I go to update it after the two years thank you

    Hi,The full software upgrade fee for THINKCAR Thinktool Pros is $399 per year! Purchase upgrades in the "ThinkStore" of this product!

  • I am an avid member on a very popular BMW forum I own 2 F1x BMW's and would like to know what BMW service functions you support. I am very interested in making my own spare keys, injector calibration, transmission fluid change to just name a few. Thank you in advance.

    Hello, is your F1x BMW's car racing? If it is a racing car, this product cannot detect your car. THINKCAR® Thinktool Pros does not support racing cars. If it's not a racing car, you can complete injector calibration, transmission fluid change, etc. Can't make a spare key!

  • looking for amazon discount code for Thinkcar pros 10"

    Please email us get discount media@kingbolen.com.
    Thank you

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