Today,we will compare what is difference between Launch CRP909E and Launch CRP429C

Launch CRP909E support same car model similar Launch X431

Launch CRP909E

Launch CRP909

Launch CRP429C


Launch CRP909E Android 7.1 support Full system scan
Launch CRP429C Android 7.0 without Full system scan

2.Touch screen size
Launch CRP909E 7inch
Launch CRP429C 5inch

Launch CRP909E 16G
Launch CRP429C 8G

Launch CRP909E 6000mAh
Launch CRP429C 4000mAh

5.Hot reset service

Launch CRP429C with 11 Reset function
Oil Lamp Reset
ABS Bleeding
Injector Coding
Gear Learning
EPB (Electronic Parking Brake Reset)
TPS(Throttle Position Matching)
IMMO ( Immobilizer Matching )
SAS Reset ( Steering Angle Calibration )
BMS ( Battery Register / Battery Maintenance )
TPMS Reset (Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset)
DPF Regeneration ( Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration)

Launch CRP909E with 15 reset function that include all CRP429C reset features but extra 4 reset service below

Anti-Theft Matching
AFS Headlamp Reset
Sunroof Reset
Suspension Reset

6.What's the same between CRP909E and CRP429C
Trouch screen + Quick button
Support one-click update via connect WIFI
5 Years warranty


Both Only performs part of bidirectional test but not full bidirectional test features.

More comparison about Launch CRP serial scanner

1.Launch CRP123E Vs. CRP123

Launch CRP129E Vs.CRP129

Launch CRP123E is the upgrading version of CRP123

Launch CRP129E is the upgrading version of CRP129


2.Launch CRP123E Vs. CRP123X

Launch CRP129E Vs. CRP129X

Launch CRP123E CRP129E with more big touch screen


3.Launch CRP123E Vs. CRP129E

Launch CRP129E can do what CRP123E do and support 5 reset features like Oil/EPB/SAS/TPMS/Injector.

CRP123E,CRP123X no reset features.


4.Launch CRP909E Vs. CRP909X

No difference


5.Launch CR3001 Vs.Launch CR319

Launch CR3001 support USB cable update but CR319 can not.

Abs bleedingBatteryComparisonConCr319Creader 3001Crp123Crp129Crp429cCrp909Crp909eDpfEpb resetInjector codingLaunch x431Oil resetReset serviceRomSystemTouch screenWifi update




LAUNCH x431v renewal please



Renewal launch scanner x431 v

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