Launch CR3001


Launch CR3008 updating on computer


Launch CRP123 / Launch Creader VII updating


Launch CRP123E CRP129E


Launch CRP429C


Launch X431 Diagun,Pro mini,V Pro


Launch X431 register and updating


Launch X431 V+ Plus


Mitch Parrish

Mitch Parrish

I got a CReader VII+ for christmas , went to the website to register There are no downloads for the VII+ it stops at VI. Also went same website, I’m very confused. Got a note from Amazon saying there could be problems with the download and to contact them directly but no address for LaunchDirect website, it comes up as The note also said they could also supply the download info.



Tried order a 909E scanner but could not enter credit card info or know the pass code to get the $ 40.00 discount.

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