LAUNCH All Software Updates in January (2)

Starting from January 30th, all 8-inch and 10-inch devices of LAUNCH will add Aston Martin car software for free! Including LAUNCH X431 V4.0, X431 V+, X431 PRO3S+...

If your scanner is still in the process of free upgrade, then you can enter the "Update" interface and download the Aston Martin diagnostic software!

If your scanner is no longer enjoying the free upgrade, and you need Aston Martin diagnostic software, then you can contact me to buy a renewal card!

(Please send me your scanner serial number for checking before purchasing a renewal card. If your scanner cannot be upgraded with our renewal card, you cannot purchase a renewal card!)

Want to learn more? Please contact us!


Click the link to get a renewal card! ! !

  1. LAUNCH CRP Renewal Card(For LAUNCH CRP429/CRP429C/CRP479/CRP909/CRP909E/CRP909X...)
  2. LAUNCH X431 and Diagun series renewal card(For LAUNCH X431 Diagun V/X431 V/X431 V+/X431 PRO3S+/X431 Pro Mini/X431 Pros Mini...)
  3. LAUNCH X431 Pad III and X431 Pad V Renewal Card

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