OBDSTAR® ODO Master for Odometer Adjustment

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ODO Master is a new Android-based 5'' tablet, specialized for cluster calibration.
The device inherits the latest cluster calibration technology from OBDSTAR with various advantages of easy-to-use, wide model coverage, fast operation and durable features which can meet the actual needs of different users such as automobile repair plants and fast repair shops.

OBDSTAR® ODO Master for Odometer Adjustment

✅Fast Programming Speed: The update cycle is short and fast (updated every 2-3 days)
✅Free Update: Free upgrade within one year
✅Multi-Language: Multi-languages, English, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French(Default language is English, please pass us serial number to change)
✅Car Models: Some models can support 20/21 years of the car (such as for GM/Chrysler). Some models can support 18/19 years of the car (such as for GM/for Mazda/for Renault).

OBDSTAR Odo Master Functions:
1. Full cluster calibration/OBDII
2. Data backup 
3. Data recovery
4. Read odometer
5. Write odometer
6. Reset odometer
7. Oil service restart
8. Read and clear DTCs
9. One-click update
10. Instruction documents
11. Wide coverage vehicles


Operating system: Android 5.1.1
CPU: RK3128 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7 1.2 GHz
Battery: 2600mA, rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD (TF) card supported
Memory capacity: 16GB
Storage capacity: 32GB
LCD: 5.0 inch
LCD resolution: 8000 * 600
Touch screen: Capacitive touch screen
Camera: 5 mega rear view camera
Wi-Fi: Support
Operating temperature: -20c ~ 55c (14f ~ 131f)
Storage temperature: -20c ~ 70c (-4f ~ 158f)
Dimension: 140mm * 89mm * 18mm
Weight: about 700g


Package List:
1 * OBDSTAR ODO Master
1 *  Charger
1 *  Multi-functional Jumper
1 *  Packing Box

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  • Would it work for 2020 Camry Toyota

    Hello, this machine does not support your car model!

  • Hello, Will thus support any of the following for mileage correction... 2017 Cadillac Escalade 2021 Cadillac Escalade Or 2021 Chevy Tahoe ?? If so I'd like to purchase. Please let me know and thank you. Janue

    Hello, the 2017 Cadillac Escalade can be corrected, the 2021 model can't.

  • Also what is your best price please and is this the same machine they sell on Ali baba and eBay

    The discount price? It depends on what country it is shipping to!
    This product is an original OBDSTAR product! If the product model is the same, it is the same as Ali baba and eBay!

  • Hi, I would like to purchase this machine. I have a few questions to ask. First does it delete any errors that come up on the dash in a car, Also is it easy to gronk back the odometer on car? Is this the best machine you have to bring back odometer reading on car

    Hello, this machine cannot delete any errors that appear on the dashboard of the car, it only supports changing the mileage of the dashboard! And not all models are supported!

  • Will support 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara model for mileage correction! Without any other upgrade or purchase necessary! If so what’s the fastest purchase and shipping to USA Ohio area! Thanks

    Yes! US warehouse out of stock! Shipping to the US is about 7-15 days!

  • Does this work with the W205 Mercedes, for writing ODO

    Hi, the instrument calibration can do,  a small number of prompts for unknown versions are not supported

  • this will work on the 2020 grand cherokee

    Yes, but need FCA

  • Hi is this work on Peugeot Boxer 2015 milage correction

    Hello, I consulted OBDSTAR official, this product can be used on this model, you need to back up the data first!

  • Will work on 2016 Mercedes’ GLC300 4matic

    Hello, for this model, if the vehicle chassis number is 253, it can be used!

  • What are the list of cars it will work on Also the year of the cars it can program

    OBDSTAR ODO Master X300M+ works on all popular cars
    Check the car list on here

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