【Black Friday】LAUNCH® Mini WiFi Printer for Launch X431 V

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This is the professional MINI Printer for X431 V+/X431 V/X431 Pros+/X431 PAD.
This WIFI mini printer is accepted by more and more users with its good operation function, powerful software function and high-cost performance.
It has become an indispensable tool for car maintenance technicians.
Users can use it at any time to record and print diagnostic results.

1. Print Wirelessly From Your Launch X431series or Tablet With Ease!
2. Print Codes, Code Definitions, Module Information, Live Data, Coding Information, & Diagnostic Procedures!
3. Highly Portable, Sleek, Ergonomic, & Lightweight, Design – Fits Right
4. In Your Pocket! Includes Thermal Paper, Charger & Form Fitting Storage Box
5. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery – Lasts Days On A Single Charge
6. Automatic Battery Charge Indicator
7. Autoload & Feed Printer Design
8. Ultra-Fast Printing Capabilities

Package list:
1 * Mini Printer
2 * Battery
3 * Power Cable 
4 * Printer Paper 

X431 Printer Manual Download

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  • What type of paper,how big rolls

    Ordinary printing paper 30X57 mm.
    You will get two rolls of paper in package if you bought the Launch printer.

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