LAUNCH® Bluetooth Connector/Adaptor for X431 Series Products

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Please send your product serial number before placing an order, we will check if your product can replace the Bluetooth connector!

What should I do if there is a problem with the Bluetooth connector of my LAUNCH® diagnostic scanner?
Don't worry, you can purchase the "replacement of Bluetooth connector" service in our shop!
This product is suitable for LAUNCH® X431 series, such as LAUNCH® X431 V, LAUNCH® X431 V+, LAUNCH® X431 Pad V, LAUNCH® X431 Pro Mini, LAUNCH® X431 DIAGUN V, LAUNCH® X431 PRO3S+...

Materials Needed:
1. Picture of certificate or confidential letter.
2. The main unit and the Bluetooth connector are connected to display the picture of the serial number.
3. The date you purchased the product, the model of the product, and the registered account and member name!

Please Note:

1. Because this Bluetooth connector is customized and needs to match your machine, please send it to us according to the above-required information, and we can complete the shipment after receiving it!
2. The product you received may be different from the pictures displayed in our store, please don't worry, the pictures in our store are just sample pictures, and the Bluetooth connectors be made through different products and different production times may be different!

Package List:

1 * Bluetooth Connector

Payment & Security

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  • hallo meine serie nummer ist.989280081131 bitte um prufün miene handy nummer whatsapp nummer 004915125309602

    Hallo, ich habe Ihre Seriennummer überprüft, Ihr Produkt läuft am 11.11.2023 ab und Sie können jetzt kostenlos abonnieren und upgraden!

  • i have a x431 pro mini need replacement connector what do u need from me

    Please send me your serial number first, I need to check whether your machine can re-customize the bluetooth connector!

  • Do I have to send my entire scanner to you ? It must be that way ? I would like more information as I lost my bluetooth dongle for x431

    Hello, no need!
    First of all, I need your product serial number to check whether your product can use our custom Bluetooth connector!
    If so, then I need the picture of your product confidential letter, the picture of the serial number displayed when the host is connected to the Bluetooth interface, and the date you purchased the product, product model, registered account and member name!
    You can send them to me by mail!

  • Como mando la informacion que nececitan para poder ordenar el conector/adaptador bluetooth

    Envíe a este correo electrónico:

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