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✅3-in-1 Design: It is designed to support 6V, 12V and 24V batteries with a capacity of 100 to 2000 CCA, suitable for Ordinary battery, AGM flat battery, AGM wound battery, GEL battery, EFB battery; The test results are based on CCA, IEC, EN, DIN, CA, BCI, MCA, SAE, GB, JIS standards.
✅Regardless of Positive and Negative: No need to consider the positive and negative poles nor the battery would be destroyed; Also, the accurate result will not be changed with reversible access; What's more, the BM520 device will give a reminder notice display on the screen when the clips connection lose.
✅Full Range Test Ability: Quick Starts from 2Ah(Some motorcycle's battery starts from 2Ah), BM520 battery tester is able to work on this kind of battery perfectly as designed; Rated capacity from 2Ah to 220Ah, normal workable voltage range is 5V to 32V; it is able to perform the accurate result; Please be sure not to start the car during a standard test or quick test.
✅Professional & Precise: used for battery test/start-up test/charge test/load test and ripple test; Built-in battery multimeter supports up to 10 recorded battery data waveform display and playback, and screenshots.
✅Upgrade Worry-Free: Life-time FREE update and Simple upgrade process, connect the battery analyzer to laptop via USB cable, copy and paste update files to removable disk to finish the upgrade.
✅Screen Capture Function: With a one-click screen capture function, long-press the "up" and "down" buttons to capture and save important data, which is quick and convenient.
KINGBOLEN BM520 6V/12V/24V 2.8" Multimeter Car Battery AnalyzerBM520 Car Battery Analyzer Advances:
1.【Non-slip Design】Conducive to one-handed operation.
2.【Integrated Line Machine Design】The interface is stable to prevent falling off and loss and the wire is strong and not easy to break.
3.【Physical Button】 Fast response and Excellent finger feeling.
4.【Alligator Clip】Pure copper plating, large opening range, strong bite force.
5.【High-Quality Wire】Selected high-quality environmentally friendly materials, good elasticity, not easy to break, tough and durable.
6.【Multi-Language Available 】English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese.
7.【Mini USB Interface】It is used for software upgrades, no need to install a driver, the process is simple and easy to operate.
8.【Screenshot Function】It has a one-click screen capture function with the long press "Up" and "Down" button, which is used to capture and save important data, fast and convenient.
9.【Voltage Waveform Monitoring】Monitor the battery status in real-time, understand the current floating size of the battery voltage and have automatic storage and playback functions.
10.【Low-Frequency Constant Current Test】Give the battery a fixed frequency and current test signal, sample, rectify, and filter its voltage, and then calculate the internal resistance of the battery.
11.【Ripple Test】Test the charging system of the engine, the smaller the waveform fluctuation, the more stable the voltage, indicating that the battery is in good condition.
12. Support 10 Languages: Supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Japanese, Polish and Chinese.
KINGBOLEN BM520 6V/12V/24V Multimeter Car Battery Analyzer


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1 * Leather Box
1 * Battery Tester 
1 * User Manual

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